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Ali Pickard spent 6 years working in South America. In Mexico City with themes of migration and Fair Trade, and designing recycled products. Then in Quito, Ecuador she co-founded NADENA with Jo Hook.

NADENA is an economic solidarity project based in El Camal, Quito. It is part of the NGO CENIT, the centre for working girls which provides education, medical and family services in an impoverished area.

The name of the project NADENA comes from the spanish phrase Nothing from Nothing which defines the economic situation of the women of the Camal, Recreo with who the project works. It also describes the recycled and donated materials that we use to make the designs.

NADENA, in collaboration with Cenit, was started to give women without access to the workforce a valid form of income whilst also bringing in funds for the educational projects of the centre. Based in the concept of economic solidarity, the project is dedicated to teaching both handicraft and entrepreneurial skills. NADENA also symbolizes the materiales that we use-rubbish and recycled, offcuts and throw-aways.